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Vermilion's activities in France

Our engagement

  • Work with respect for people, the environment and regulations.
  • Extract, as long as possible and as efficiently as possible, hydrocarbon reserves for the benefit of France.
  • Make every effort to contribute to the social, economic and sustainable development of the communities that welcome us.

Vermilion's activities in France are mainly based in the Aquitaine Basin and the Paris Basin. They are focused on the exploration, development and production of crude oil in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Vermilion's activities offer France benefits that include: 

  • Employment,
  • Tax revenues,
  • Funding for local initiatives,
  • Domestic energy security,
  • Contributions toward a carbon neutral footprint, by increasing independence from imported oil (which has a high carbon footprint).

Vermilion's activity in France in a few figures: 

  • Production: more than 12,000 barrels / day (75% of national production)   
  • More than 400 active wells (about 100 were drilled by Vermilion)
  • 26 concessions operated by Vermilion and 1 concession in partnership with Lundin
  • 5 exploration permits
  • 1 crude oil storage tank (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
  • 600 direct and indirect jobs
  • Nearly 2,300 interventions on existing wells
  • More than 1 billion euros invested in France since 1997 (drilling, works, acquisitions)

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(Unless otherwise noted, references on this website to "Vermilion", or "the Company", or "we", or "our" collectively refer herein to any or all of the people and operations associated with Vermilion Energy Inc. and/or its subsidiaries including its French subsidiary Vermilion Energy France REP SAS whose operations and activities are the focus of this website)

Vermilion REP SAS
Route de Pontenx
40160 Parentis-en-Born, France
Phone +33 (0)5 58 82 95 00
Emergency Number 0 800 18 32 14
Emergency Number Nouvelle-Aquitaine
0 800 18 32 14
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Emergency Number Centre
0 800 89 60 18
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Emergency Number Ile-de-France
0 800 30 20 43
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