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Vermilion, the leading oil producer in France

Vue aérienne de l’exploitation pétrolière de Parentis-en-Born et des serres Tom d’Aqui (Landes – Nouvelle-Aquitaine). Vermilion Rep, the French subsidiary of the Canadian group Vermilion Energy Inc . (*) (North America, Europe, Australia) and the leading oil producer in France, is a major player in the production of hydrocarbons and the development of secondary energies related to its activities (crude oil, hot water and gas). We are committed to developing the resources of the French subsoil while respecting people, the environment and regulations, in line with the energy transition.

Vermilion's activities in France (headquartered in Parentis-en-Born (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)) are mainly based in the Aquitaine Basin (Landes, Gironde, and Pyrénées-Atlantiques) and the Paris Basin (Seine-et-Marne, Essonne and Loiret). They focus on oil exploration and production, responsibly that respects people and the environment, while adapting to changes in our industry, the energy transition and sustainable development.

Ensuring the continuity of our activities and the transition to the future We need to generate the financial capacity necessary to ensure the continuity of our current activities and to prepare for the post-2040 period (end of hydrocarbon exploitation in France). To do this, we need to maintain our activities on our existing concessions to ensure sufficient production activity to enable us to finance research on our breakthrough/future projects. We want to adapt and transform our oil production business to overcome the decline in our assets and remain sustainably profitable at least until 2040.

Our commitment

  • Producing essential energy for France for as long as possible, in a responsible, resilient and sustainable manner, to finance research and the continuation of our activities in France.
  • To be a good neighbor, listening to the specific characteristics of the regions where we operate and doing everything we can to contribute to local social, economic and sustainable development.
  • Supporting the energy transition 

Benefits for France 

  • Energy security of the country
  • Territorial economic dynamism & employment
  • Tax revenues
  • Expertise and knowledge of the subsoil
  • Eco-responsible partnerships
  • Support for local initiatives

(*) Vermilion Energy Inc.

Founded in Canada in 1994, Vermilion Energy Inc. is an internationally based oil and gas company with its headquarters in Calgary, Canada. The group has several subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Australia. We search for, develop and produce hydrocarbon resources (oil and gas) sustainably that respects people and the environment. Vermilion Energy Inc. is an innovative and responsible company. We firmly believe that our success is due to our constant concern for health, safety, and the environment, which take precedence over all other aspects of our business. We employ approximately 1,000 people around the world who work together to explore and develop oil and gas resources. Our teams consider it a great privilege and responsibility to produce energy for a multitude of people and businesses to meet their daily needs.

(Unless otherwise noted, references on this website to "Vermilion", or "the Company", or "we", or "our" collectively refer herein to any or all of the people and operations associated with Vermilion Energy Inc. and/or its subsidiaries including its French subsidiary Vermilion Energy France REP SAS whose operations and activities are the focus of this website)

Vermilion REP SAS
Route de Pontenx
40160 Parentis-en-Born, France
Phone +33 (0)5 58 82 95 00
Emergency Number 0 800 18 32 14
Emergency Number Nouvelle-Aquitaine
0 800 18 32 14
(green number)
Emergency Number Centre
0 800 89 60 18
(green number)
Emergency Number Ile-de-France
0 800 30 20 43
(green number)
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