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Vermilion in France

Vermilion REP SAS is the French subsidiary of Vermilion Energy Inc., which operates in North America, Europe and Australia. Our goal is to develop and produce hydrocarbons in socially and environmentally responsible ways.

Energy in France

As the second largest consumer of energy in Europe, France imports substantial volumes of oil and gas each year to meet its needs. Vermilion is the leading oil producer in France, and has significantly increased both our own production in France and the country’s domestic supply. We are proud of the contributions we have made in France and the positive impact that we have created through tax revenues, employment and community investment.

Energy Mix in France (2016)

Our Responsibilities

Vermilion recognizes that we all have a role to play in limiting the environmental impacts of a carbon-based economy, whether we are producers or consumers of fossil fuel energy. That's why we continue to commit to reducing our impact on the environment by investing in technologies that optimize energy efficiency and water use while at the same time reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We carefully research the communities and environments that can be impacted by our activities, and we treat our teams, partners, suppliers and members of our community in a respectful and fair manner.


Vermilion invests its hosting communities

As a responsible energy producer, Vermilion strives to be an exceptional neighbor who is involved in the communities where our employees live and work. We support our communities through our Ways of Caring program.

Vermilion Ways of Caring - Give Back. Give Time. Give Together.
Vermilion's activities in France

Vermilion's activities in France

Vermilion's activities in France are based in the Aquitaine Basin and the Paris Basin. They are focused on the socially and environmentally responsible exploration, development and production of crude oil.


Work at Vermilion

At Vermilion, we know that the best technologies and strategies are nothing without the best teams – so we pay particular attention to the recruitment, training and working conditions of our employees. If you want to join a dynamic and growing team, visit our recruitment site for more information.

Vermilion REP SAS
Route de Pontenx
40160 Parentis-en-Born, France
Phone +33 (0)5 58 82 95 00
Emergency Number 0 800 18 32 14
Emergency Number Nouvelle-Aquitaine
0 800 18 32 14
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Emergency Number Centre
0 800 89 60 18
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Emergency Number Ile-de-France
0 800 30 20 43
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